German law prevented Jews from taking more than ten Marks equivalent to $4.-- out of Germany, so Oskar devised other ways of providing for his new life overseas.

Leica cameraWe now know from recently-found correspondence that Oskar had given a number of valuable cameras and items of clothing  to friends to take with when they left Germany. He planned to sell these items to raise money. This is the camera that he himself took with and is still in use today.

Exit Stamp from Hamburg

Finally on May 13 1939 Oskar boarded the boat for Cuba.

Oskar Blechner's Quota Number for America

Once there, he intended to wait until his quota number for the United States was called. He could then join his girlfriend - Else Damitt, who was already in America and was busy selling the items he had given her in preparation for his arrival.

Entry Visa for Cuba

His quota number for America was low enough to suggest that he would not have to wait too long before he would be called. Time to relax and make friends