Gwen J. VeratShortly after arrival in the UK, Oskar found accommodation at Bethune Road, Stamford Hill - the home of Wolf and Lena Verat. Their eldest daughter, Gwen was fluent in German and French. She worked at Woburn House for the German Jewish Aid Committee helping refugees. Due to her language skills Gwen was quickly called up to join the WAAF and almost immediately promoted to the rank of  sergeant. Her main duty was to eavesdrop on the radio traffic between invading German pilots to give fore-warning to the air defences of an impending air raid. Gwen and Oskar Blechner - their wedding photo

Eventually Oskar and Gwen were married March 8 1942. It was a happy occasion, although Oskar had written in many letters before the wedding of his great sadness that none of his immediate family could accompany him on his greatest day of honour.
My dear Gwen, dear Oskar!

On the occasion of your imminent wedding day I want to send you my most sincere best wishes.Letter from Jacob Blechner on the occasion of the wedding of his brother, Oskar

May you be granted a long, happy and healthy life together and that we should experience only mutual joy and happiness.

Dear brother, unfortunately our beloved mother cannot accompany you to the Chupeh on your supreme day of honour. Because of the war situation it is not possible for her, as well as your brothers, Salo and Leo and us to personally participate in the Simcha.

Our greatest sadness is that our dear beloved late father was not granted the privilege of seeing and taking part in this day of honour.

You are establishing a married life together in the most difficult time. This is the wonder of we Jews; despite the tragedy of today the Jewish community, married life and consequently the Jewish People will continue to exist. We have the hope that we will withstand the difficult trials which have befallen us Jews; and that out of this difficult time a new, truly genuine and worthwhile life will emerge. I am convinced that these are also your thoughts. And so we want to hope that the victims, which practically every family in the House of Israel has become through Hitler, will bring the Jewish People to the genuine just future and in this sense so too your marriage will grow into that new Jewish future.

May dear God grant our dear mother and our brother Salo the special strength to persevere with their severe suffering, to protect them both and all of us and bring forth soon the day, when our entire family can meet together in peace and in good health.

Our thoughts will be with you especially on this day. We wish you a dignified and happy time and wish your parents, dear Gwen, a truly hearty Mazeltov.