The City of Munich, in co-operation with the Department of Jewish History and Culture of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University opened an exhibition at the Jewish Museum, Munich under the title "I am alive! It is a miracle - the fate of a Munich family during the Holocaust." The exhibition ran until April 11 2002. The exhibition tells the story of the Blechner family druing the Holocaust. The City has meanwhile built a new Jewish Community Centre and Museum. The former Museum was housed in the Jewish Community Centre at 27 Reichenbachstraße, Munich. This building is where Mina Blechner lived the last eighteen months of her life and from where she wrote many of the letters to her son, Jacob in Switzerland.

Salo Blechner in the Reichenbachstrasse Synagogue, 1994
Salo Blechner sitting in the original seat used by his father in the Reichenbachstraße synagogue, Munich - now reconstructed after the damage done during Kristallnacht. Picture taken in 1994.