Oskar Blechner was born March 7 1911 in Dukla, Galicia the second of four sons of Mina and Mordechai Blechner. The family moved in about 1913 to Munich.

Oskar, Friedl and Jacob, Mina and Mordechai (seated), taken 1938 in Klenzestr.
Top row: Oskar, Friedl married to Jacob, seated: Mina and Mordechai
Picture taken in the Klenzestrasse apartment, 1938

Mordechai was an agent in the shoe trade, later joined by his eldest son, Jacob. Oskar demonstrated his business acumen at an early age and was sent by his employer to run a clothing factory in Berlin when he was 19. Life was good for a young single man in Berlin, until the Nazis flexed their muscles and deported the Polish Jews.

The lull before the storm, Pesach at Bad Tölz, 1937. (l to r) Salo, Mina and Mordechai, Oskar, Friedl and Jacob, Leo
The Blechner family taken at Bad Tölz, Pesach 1937.
From left to right, Salo, the parents Mina and Mordechai, Oskar, Friedl married to Jacob and Leo.