Cable, dated 27/3/1939 from Walter Damitt, New YorkWalter Damitt, the brother of Else Damitt - Oskar's girlfriend at the time - sent this telegram on March 27 1939 from New York to help Oskar and his brother Jacob out of Germany. But Salo was still trapped in Poland unable to return to Munich and the parents would not leave without Salo. Had he returned in time, they would all have travelled together on the St. Louis.

Circular from Hamburg America Line (HAPAG), Munich announcing the voyage 15. April 1939

HAPAG - Hamburg America Line

Notice to all interested parties for CUBA

We have just been informed by head office that, subject to sufficient demand, our merchant ship SS "St. Louis" will sail from Hamburg on a special voyage to Havana on the 13th May 1939.

The fare is RM 800.-- in 1st Class, with surcharge of 20% for cabin with bath. Tourist Class fare is RM 500.--. A deposit in both classes for the return* journey of RM 230.-- per person is required.

Bookings for this journey can only be offered to those whose papers are entirely in order.

We ask you to advise us immediately whether you are interested in this special voyage and remain.

Yours faithfully
Hamburg-America Line

*Notice that the circular required all passengers to pay a deposit for the "return journey", despite the fact that the voyage was intended as a one-way journey out of Germany for all the passengers!

Receipt for tickets

Receipt dated April 17 1939 issued by Lloydreisebro GmbH, München for the "return" ticket for Oskar Blechner. What to take next....